A Runner’s Guide to Spontaneous Goaltending Part II

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March 8, 2014 by Amy B

Game 2 – 180°

What a difference a day makes (and a few hours worth of sleep and not eating a FoF sandwich).

Truth is, the team we played this afternoon wasn’t quite as skilled as the team from last night (not that they were all that hot). Any Given Sunday applies to hockey, too.

I saw fewer shots this time (probably a dozen or so over three truncated periods) and let in one lousy goal that I wish I could have back. We won 9-1.

But the best part: Joe and Jess came up from the Cities to hang out with the kids for a few hours. There’s nothing better than looking into the stands and seeing your daughter busting out crazy dance moves to the music in between whistles.

We finished pool play in fourth place, giving us an early game tomorrow (9:15am) but not as early as it could’ve been (8:15am). I’ll take the extra 60 minutes, given we’re “springing forward” and all.

Here’s an interesting hockey tidbit for you:

I kept track of my heart rate today while the action was at the other end of the rink. Just standing in net at the ready with gear on raises my heart rate almost to the level of what it would be during a very slow jog. I assume this is due to the slightly squatting stance I find myself taking on the ice when I’m in net. Truth is, this shit is heavy to wear, I sweat constantly while I’m in it, and any movement on the ice takes a helluva lot out of me. So while it might seem that the goalie is just standing around doing nothing, know that they’re doing a slow burn for three periods. I never would’ve guessed. Someone get me a beer.

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