My Running Bucket List


I thought I’d keep a list of the races I want to run. You know, the ones you read about in magazines and think, I totally want to run that, only to forget about them the moment you turn the page or leave the race expo.

So here are a few of my dream races. Some are more realistic than others, but then again, you can put anything you want on a bucket list, right? *

Grand Island Trail Marathon

Grand Island Trail Marathon img

I’ve wanted to do this one for awhile now. It’s local (or as local as one gets when you live out in the middle of BFE). I’m not a seasoned trail runner, and the races I’ve done have just about killed me, so this would be one I’d have to seriously kick butt and train for. I’d also want to be in decent enough shape to be able to enjoy my surroundings and not just be completely fixated on dying.


Bay to Breakers

Almost goes without saying that I’d love to experience this one day. Plus, it’s an excuse to get out to San Francisco, one of my favorite places in the world.

Detroit Free Press Talmers Bank Marathon

Detroit is my hometown, so naturally, I feel I should run this race at least once in my life. It’s always conflicted in some way with Twin Cities Marathon, which we’ve grown to love and run for the past seven years. One of these days, it will happen. I’d especially love to run a race where my family could cheer on the sidelines (and Grandma can babysit!).

This race is particularly cool because it crosses over into Canada and back. Wow, do you think I need a passport? Guess I should get mine renewed, which would be a good thing if I ever got to run:

Paris Marathon

Is any explanation needed?

I’ve never been to Europe and it’s definitely on our bucket list of places to go once we can 1) afford it and 2) go without our kids (or have our kids be old enough to make it an enjoyable experience).

Back when Scott and I started dating, he and his ex-wife would swap weekends with the kids. We didn’t take too many trips at the time, but when we did, at least a few of the kids were at least in tow. I used to joke that the only way we could get away together by ourselves was to sign up to run 26.2 miles. This was not really far from the truth.

Sure, I probably don’t have to commit to a marathon to make it to Paris, but running an international race sounds like a lot of fun.

*Totally open to anyone who wants to sponsor me to run any of these races, too! </wishfulthinking>

One thought on “My Running Bucket List

  1. Jason says:

    I would love to do Bay to Breakers and Paris as well!

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