A Runner’s Guide to Spontaneous Goaltending Part III


March 9, 2014 by Amy B

Game 3 – Sunday, Bloody (hurt the hell out of my back) Sunday

Let’s get the numbers out of the way: lost 3-2. Not the best effort overall effort.

First shot of the third period sent me sprawling face first on the ice and doing a number on my back. I felt a burning, tingling sensation that lasted for a good 30 seconds. Yeah, I don’t know much about back injuries but I’m going to say it wasn’t a great thing to happen.

While I don’t have super high expectations since I don’t get to play much anymore (if at all), it’s tough to go out there and let in shots that after the fact seem pretty weak. Hell, they seemed weak as they went in. But in the end, I think the girls were just happy for it to be over (especially when you’re not playing for tournament championship), and I was happy to get my annual photo with the kids in my silly goalie gear.

The best part of the whole hurty back thingie was the four hour drive home and the two hours I sat in a Prius while Sophie played in the children’s museum.

After an epic meltdown in Target. Actually, this is a pretty fair representation of how I felt, too.

After an epic meltdown in Target. Actually, this is a pretty fair representation of how I felt, too.

Oh, and there was this on the side of the arena – go Kara!

Road trips with the kids rarely mean fine dining (or drinking) and usually end up in take-out pizza eaten on the bed in the hotel so that we don’t have to endure Mr. No Highchair, No Way  in a restaurant setting. We did take time to grab some lunch before hitting the road at a place called Clyde’s, which is an old Iron Works building. After wrestling with Aaron until the food came, we did enjoy some good food and a good beer (well, I did).

Playing beer coaster football with Dad

Playing beer coaster football with Dad

I also had one of the best reuben sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.

Pastrami. Kimchi sauerkraut that was just perfectly spicy. OMG. OMG.

Pretty sure I’m going to need to keep that place on carry-out speed dial for the next time we’re passing through Duluth.

So it was a good weekend, despite the terrible back pain today and uncertainty of whether I’ll be able to put in my scheduled “easy 3 miles” tonight.

I’ve been invited to play again in two weeks (possible goalie, possibly skating out), and even though it might mean I end up puking on the ice from lack of skating reps to date, I’m leaning toward yes. I mean, why not be willing to take chances and cram a bunch of hockey in before the snow melts?

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