And in the last week, She rested.

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October 2, 2013 by Amy B

I probably should have kept my mouth shut about “not being injured” as I entered the last week before my marathon.

Truth: I wouldn’t call this a race-breaking injury, but my back has been feeling horrible for the last few days. After my run on Monday I did go see the chiropractor. He did some muscle testing and a few adjustments. I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks and gladly handed over my $40. 

A few hours later I felt awful again. I then cursed the fact that I’d gone in the first place.

Yesterday, even though I had a 4 miler on the schedule, I decided to take the day off. When I got out of bed that morning, the back was feeling extra awful. Tight, painful, expletive-inducing. I decided to do some stretching and gluteal exercises; the chiro’s diagnosis is that my glutes aren’t “firing” properly and causing my problems. OK, I can buy that. I have been extremely one-sided lately in terms of exercise. While I’m pretty sure my quads are fairly strong at this point, everything else has been admittedly neglected. 

I found some exercises to do and spent about 30 minutes doing them before work. I also decided to go grab an exercise ball to swap out with my chair. I suspect the crappy chair in my office is not helping my problems. After sitting on the ball for half the day yesterday and most of  this morning, I do seem to feel a little better. At least there’s less of that “old woman” groaning when I go to stand up from a seated position. 

I’m not sure if I’ll make up the run before we leave for St. Paul on Friday. I’m trying to figure out if I can make a fun run on Saturday morning in downtown St. Paul, sponsored by Picky Bars and Mill City Running. It’s early (8:30) and we’ll be getting into town really late (probably 1-2am), and if I DO end up running Saturday, I only want to run a few shakeout miles REALLY SLOWLY.

But it’s almost go time! I’m nervous and excited. Still undecided on what I’m going to wear. Mostly decided on what I will eat.

A little sad that this is almost over. 

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