Back at it and The Tale of Two Hoodies

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August 15, 2013 by Amy B

I missed an eight miler yesterday and it took a lot of self-restraint to not try and run that last night as a “makeup.”


Also skipped CrossFit; I think my body just decided to give me a big ole FU and shut down on me. Even though one workout isn’t a lot, the way it’s sandwiched in between my running is kind of wiping me out. It doesn’t hurt to listen to your body every once I awhile.

Today was a day off, so I slept in an extra hour (whee!) and still managed to make it to work on time for an important meeting. I even dressed up. Sort of.

Hey, I have a skirt on! I did promptly remove it after the meeting and replace it with shorts (hooray for casual University dress codes), but I did look presentable for a few hours.

Also, a shout out to Mill City Running in Minneapolis, a most accomodating running store, for letting me buy one of these over the phone.


Alternative Apparel. Jeff (from MCR) told me I’d have to hide this from people because they’d want to steal it. It’s true.

I’m torn between which is my favorite hoodie now. Compare: The Oiselle Trials Hoodie.

photo 5

While I love the Oiselle hoodie, it’s so long on my 5′ 1″ frame. Oiselle, are you listening? As someone who actually has a “normal” length torso, this thing is ridic. Soft, awesome, and sweet, but way too long.

Back to running: Eight in the morning, Eighteen on Saturday. If I push through until at least 15, I know I’ll be okay. The last few miles last week were tough, but they weren’t impossible. I’m just telling myself that this is how I’ll push through the end of the marathon. You know The Wall? While most people are able to bust through and move on, I swear my Wall moves with me right until I pass the Cathedral and start the last downhill to the finish line.

I think the only thing I’ll do differently in terms of fuel is perhaps clip on another water bottle to that hydration belt; it’s going to be warmer this week. Those weird Stinger Waffles seemed to sit in my stomach well (I chomped on them a quarter at a time), so I might go with those again. I’m trying to find individual packs of antacid. Someone’s got to sell them, right? They seem like they’d be perfect to stash in my pocket instead of wrapping TUMS in saran wrap.

Does your stomach ever rebel on a long run? What do you do about it?

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