Week 27


August 26, 2014 by Amy B

You guys, BabyCenter tells me that this is the last week of the second trimester. And while I’m sure that I’m not going to suddenly feel differently as soon as midnight strikes on Sunday and I begin the 28th week of this crazy thing called pregnancy, it’s a milestone nonetheless.

A few things I’m kind of happy about:

  • I’ve been able to keep running up to this point, though my last run was on Saturday and haven’t been able to get out since then due to household scheduling, i.e., my husband working stupid hours. My goal was to keep this up at least through the first two trimesters, so hooray! I’ve also regularly been doing a weight routine and/or prenatal yoga on the days that I’m not running (every other day). I think this is the longest strength training streak I’ve been on in almost ten years. I know. Ouch.
  • I’ve spent a week (officially) on the gestational diabetes train and haven’t fallen off (or gained a freak 5 lbs or something). In fact, I’ve been able to maintain my current weight for a few weeks now. Blood sugar numbers aren’t crazy (when I don’t forget to take it when I fall asleep before 9pm because EXHAUSTED), and my diabetic counselor even called me “a poster child for good gestational diabetic practices.” Doesn’t mean I didn’t seriously want to upon leaving there, hit the bakery for a chocolate donut. But still! Accolades!
  • Our across-the-street neighbor was getting rid of a bunch of baby stuff in her garage sale over the weekend. I usually do not do the garage sale thing, because 1) I hate them and 2) I don’t really need additional crap in our house (we have enough crap already), but I checked it out. I scored a barely used Medela double electric pump with a shitload of extra stuff for $45. The pump I used with Aaron is sort of broken (maybe), so this was a huge score (and one less thing I need to frantically shop for this fall).

There was a trip to the local county fair over the weekend and some job-related stress (not my job, so I won’t start spewing forth about it here) but Sophie got to ride a pony. So for her, it was pretty much the most awesome weekend ever.

Click for the video

Aaron had less fun, since (mean) Mom and Dad didn’t think shelling out $25 for a wristband for rides for a kid who can’t ride 90% of them seemed like a good deal. He did eat his weight in french fries, though.

There was a kangaroo. What? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

And I did have a very excellent latte, thanks to my step-daughter and son-in-law*, who brought me back some fancy beans from their recent trip to San Francisco.

While I’m on the Instagram embed binge, let me end by shamelessly promote this lovely sweatshirt from Michigan Runner Girl, which as been getting a lot of airplay at home; I bought a size larger than I thought I’d probably need, just so I had something to wear now and something a little oversized later on. Since I live in Michigan and consider myself all the rest of these things, it’s fitting. I highly recommend anyone living in Michigan (or wishing they lived in Michigan) get one from Heather here.

Also, thank you to all who posted kind and encouraging comments on my crazy dental post. I still feel awful that Sophie has a bumpy dental road ahead, but I think we can get through it. I mean, we have no choice, right? Anyway, thank you.

*Yes, I have a son-in-law, which is nuts. But when your husband is old, it can happen. 🙂

One thought on “Week 27

  1. Thanks for the MRG love, Amy! Love the picture of you wearing your hoodie! 🙂

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