Week 24


August 4, 2014 by Amy B

I’m writing this post officially in Week 24, though this is more of a week 23 recap.

I found out a woman at church is a month further along than I am, which shocked me to no end, because I’m twice her size. That was kind of an ego blow, which is stupid, because we’re not supposed to compare our pregnancy to other pregnancies, right? Yet, the look on her face said it all when I told her I was due a month later. It’s possible I was also not feeling particular stellar after an earlier awful run attempt and felt a little self-conscious in what I was wearing, too.

Keeping the weight gain at a reasonable level has been tough. And no, I haven’t been perfect with what I’ve eaten, but I feel like I’ve done my part in making sure I’m not just working on perfecting a nice ass groove in the sofa every day. The exercise seems to count for nothing, and yes, I’m also thinking about that stupid 3-hour glucose tolerance test in two weeks and how I’m probably not passing. Currently, I’m hovering at just under 30 lbs (GAH) and not particularly thrilled about hitting that milestone so early with 14-16 weeks to go.

The running: Week 23 was a double-digit mileage week! Last time this happened was my vacation week at the beginning of July. Approximately 12.5 miles, FTW.
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.32.30 AM

They weren’t all pretty. In fact, the only one that felt really, really great was the “long” run on Saturday morning.

I was feeling especially RAH RAH GO ME after that run; I haven’t attempted that distance in weeks. And then it was Sunday, Day One of Week 24, and a planned three miler was abbreviated to two miles, one of which was especially miserable. After this morning’s wretched run/walk/profanity session, I’ve also noticed I’m slowing down even more than before, and some abdominal cramping made me stop and walk for quite a bit this morning. Also: round ligament pain is starting to be a factor, and not making things any easier. I’m hoping this is not the beginning of the end (of running).


One thought on “Week 24

  1. jillrunsnm says:

    Towards this part in my pregnancy I had to switch to the “just get out there and move” plan. Be kind to yourself – this is just a snippet of time in your life as a runner.

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