Hormone Week (22)

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July 23, 2014 by Amy B

While waiting in the photo department of Walmart, a missing child alert sounded over the loudspeaker. Within seconds, I saw the aisles full of store employees. Workers stopped stocking shelves and immediately started searching the aisles. Extra hands in the deli department were dispatched. About ten minutes later, the alert ended and the two-year-old was found.*

And now you know the reason for my first emotional breakdown of the day. It is getting bad when I can’t even make it through a ten-minute trip to Wally World without losing it.

The hormones are a bitch today. Some days are better than others, and today is not one of those days.

22 weeks: Usual discomforts, but I feel pretty good. Latest development: leaving the bed requires rolling; there is no sitting up anymore. Bending down to tie running shoes is also a little bit of an exercise. The running continues, but it’s slowing down and feeling like more of a challenge. At this point, I’m getting out there for the baby; the slow pace is a bit of an ego killer. (Kid: this is a jumpstart to your health that your older siblings didn’t have, so I expect great things from you.)

I keep telling myself that this will be worth something in Dec/Jan when I (plan to) get back to running.


*Upon leaving the store I noticed a state trooper parked next to the building. I hope this is simply standard procedure and not because the alert was called off because some creep was caught trying to abduct a kid.


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