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May 16, 2014 by Amy B

Packing for a race weekend as a spectator instead of a runner kind of sucks, man.

This is totally new territory. I’ve never gone to a race to simply watch. I don’t even know how to do this. On top of it, I’ll have two kids in tow, and while I love my children, it makes everything a lot more complicated.

I have done a lot of second guessing this week – wondering if I could’ve run this half. I decided very early on in the pregnancy to bail. This was right around week six when I could barely get through a day upright. Yeah, running 13.1 miles didn’t sound like a super fun idea.

I based this mostly on my past pregnant marathon/long distance running experience. Even though I was able to finish in 2008, I was also only about seven weeks along. With my second, I was 11 weeks and had done next to no running in the month leading up to the race because of nausea. It was the most brutal (and possibly stubbornly stupid) thing I’d ever put myself through. I remember getting to the half marathon timing mat and just wanting to quit. My lower body felt like it had detached from my upper body and every step was painful. It was a dumb thing to attempt for me. I didn’t think I had it in me this time around to voluntarily subject myself to that kind of torture.

And to be fair, I hadn’t put in a long run over about seven miles this winter. It was completely my choice; I played in hockey tournaments instead. And I don’t regret it, but it’s my reality. I wasn’t ready for this race. I’ve run enough long races on not enough training to know that I’m done doing that kind of stupid shit. And yeah, it’s stupid. “Just finishing” this race in pain and agony wasn’t a badge I felt the desire to unlock.

Plus, the finisher medal is ugly. *insert laugh track*

But I’m going into this weekend for my friends who have worked their asses off all winter to run a good race, and I am happy to be there to support them. I won’t be running the course like a crazy person ringing a cowbell and holding funny signs – because I decided that pushing a stroller and keeping track of another kid was going to be tough enough – but I know THEY KNOW I’m totally rooting for them and hoping they kick ass on all of their goals this weekend. Hey, I ran intervals and hills with these people and they deserve it. They’ve totally earned it.


My two team /var/run training buddies, Running Chick and Running(not so much anymore)Chunk

And who knows? Maybe cheering from the sidelines will be fun, too. Sophie is looking forward to watching her dad in a race (Scott will be, um, participating as well) and MOM THERE’S A POOL AT THE HOTEL!!!

Also, frozen yogurt, FTW. Because spectating is going to be hard work. You can find me here when the race is over.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! I’ll clang on my virtual cowbell in your honor.

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