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February 16, 2014 by Amy B

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve gone for an entire weekend (Fri-Sun) without a long run or ride or something. I spent a long time feeling generally ill and off, did some decluttering, cleaning, and decided that






So I took a break. Instead of freezing my ass off outside in more single digit bullshit weather and worrying whether I’d need to have my husband rescue me mid-run like he did last weekend, I rode my bike for an entire 30 minutes before my son woke up from his nap and needed my attention.

I just realized after typing that sentence that I haven’t blogged all week and didn’t share my super fun attempt at a long run last Saturday. A planned nine miler ended up being five before I gave up, called my husband, and then used the remainder willpower I had left and focused on not shitting my pants out in the middle of nowhere. So there you go.

This is a nicer view than me bent over on the side of the road with severe abdominal cramps.

My innards felt pretty touch and go all week and not much happened in the area of running. A four miler on Monday ended up similar to Saturday (though I did make it back to my office and avoided soiling myself in the middle of Houghton) and it wasn’t until Thursday when I was able to run without having that god-awful OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING IN MY DIGESTIVE TRACT? feeling on a 3-ish miler, half of it with RC Josh.

It’s been awhile since I’ve run in snowy/windy conditions. It wasn’t really fun, hence the weird look on my face.

It’s possible Josh’s mere presence was enough to keep my guts in check in order to avoid embarrassment. Thanks, Josh.

I reconditioned a pair of old Frye boots I scored super cheap on eBay.


And that’s about it.

As for running, I think I just needed a few days off. The key is to not let a few days turn into oh, a week. And I won’t. I just need to refocus on what I’ve got going on for the next few months and what my goals are.

I’ve also poured about 95% of my energy and drive into running for awhile now. And I’m not saying that’s bad, but I’ve neglected a lot of other things that I wanted to get back into doing this year. Photography, cooking, crafty shit…I just feel slightly charred right now by running.

The title of this blog is Amy (up north) runs, so don’t be mistaken – I’m not giving up running. But I’m putting some other things on the schedule – a hockey tournament in March, for one – because I need some variety right now, especially with this weather being what it is. It’s killing me psychologically.

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