RWRUNSTREAK Day 23 – the one when we didn’t get arrested and had a holiday party

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December 20, 2013 by Amy B

A few weeks ago someone brought up the idea of a TVR holiday party. Since my kids and lack of a babysitter often prevent me from participating in evening social events, we decided to just increase the fun factor (i.e., beer factor) of our normal Friday team /var/run lunches.

And then it dawned on me that dammit, we should be running as a part of this party, right?

That morning, I took a last spin (for awhile) on my bike

Thank you, hulu, for having all the old seasons of Biggest Loser for me to watch while spinning away before work.

and considered run outfit options.

I ended up ditching the jacket – didn’t need it – but I was ready.

Not a Santa hat in sight, and deciding I needed something a little different that lit up, I went with a silly hat Sophie got from her aunt and uncle.


I would’ve felt way less dumb had I actually told my running partners to dress up as well. Then again, RC Josh is always festive looking.

We had plans for a nice and easy loop through town that started and ended at the bar (our home for next five hours).


Someone noticed the bridge was down (this bridge), or better said, the pathway for snowmobilers was open. Before I knew it, we were running across and undoubtedly breaking the law.


“We are totally going to get yelled at.” – Me


I don’t know why we do this every time we get our photo taken while running. It’s our “we’re idiots” pose.


RC Josh leading the charge/plod across the bridge.

Well, we didn’t get yelled at, arrested, or stuck. And I guess I can cross “run underneath the lift bridge” off my running bucket list.


Post-run lunch from Rodeo Mexican Kitchen, of course. Veggie bowls taste even better after running.


Also pictured: pink lemonade nuun, Keweenaw Brewing Co Coffee Stout.

Larry made an appearance, wrapped in his Oiselle stripey sari.


And there were gifts!



And socks. The best part of these socks is that they say “Scully” on the bottom. Josh doesn’t know this but I was a pretty hardcore X-Files fan back in the day. Perfect gift.


Also loved this book from Nancy, who swears she’s not trying to tell me something. 😉



Larry took a trip out to the Runningchunk/chick ranch

Danno joined and eventually G, making our TVR holiday bash complete.20131222-105240.jpg



Josh testing out Nancy’s new headband. Or maybe stealing it.



Sophie and I worked on TVR cookies and had to improvise, since my running cookie cutter hadn’t come in yet.

All in all, a great way to celebrate the 2013 year. It was a great year for running, friends, and food. And the runstreak lives on!


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