RWRUNSTREAK Day 19/20/21 – Running with friends is my favorite


December 18, 2013 by Amy B

I can’t believe I’ve made it 21 days into this running streak thing.

I formerly had this mentality that if I ran more than a few days in a row, shit would start to go wrong. But the reality is that I have felt pretty darn good, aside from some minor aches and pains that I have all the time, running or not (read: I am getting older).

I also thought it would be tough to make myself get out there on days when the weather is crummy. I can’t lie – sometimes it’s hard to get out the door when you know you have to layer about three levels deep and walk out into stingy, windy snow/ice/needlespray.

The runs during lunch have been awesome. Not only is it nice to run without various headlamp/knucklelight/reflective vesty stuff, but running with friends is fun and makes the hard miles a little easier.

Day 21 RWRUNSTREAK of 3.1 miles or so. team /var/run is awesome at selfies

I had to deliver Sophie’s backpack to preschool, hence this:

Backpack, backpack!

Backpack, backpack!

Running with friends is awesome case in point: when I run by myself, it sucks and I give up before I hit two miles.

RWRUNSTREAK Day 20 – Running around Scott’s work on shitty roads and only had time for this before I had to pick up the kids.

As long as I’m mentioning it, Day 19 was a run up to Sophie’s preschool for her school holiday program – RC Josh accompanied me there before running back down to campus – and I opted to be driven back to work instead of finishing the run. Lame, but necessary at the time.

At least we ran mostly uphill.

Since having kids, most of my running has been solo, which I still enjoy. I didn’t think I would like group running, but I do. It also helps to have like-minded people who have their own fitness goals. It is called Team /var/run, after all.

2 thoughts on “RWRUNSTREAK Day 19/20/21 – Running with friends is my favorite

  1. Love the “Backpack, Backpack” pic!

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