RWRUNSTREAK Day 16 – Team /var/run/rodeo

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December 13, 2013 by Amy B

Suggested last night, after I’d shotgunned some cold medicine:

Hey, let’s run a mile to lunch tomorrow. We can catch a ride back to campus afterward.

I’m so happy that my running friends are as crazy as me, or at least willing to humor me.

But let’s back up: First, there was a short spin on the bike to start the day.


I forgot to watch The Biggest Loser this week so had plans to cue it up on Hulu while I rode the bike. Weight loss reality show  + exercise = win, right?


It actually wasn’t terrible, and even though I had to cut it to 30 min because I was running late for work, it was nice to get up before everyone bombarded me with their morning requests. Only bummer is that 30 minutes is not enough to see the entire weigh-in, so I still have no idea who went home at the end. Suspense!

Here are my shoes. They’re over 10 years old and I keep wondering if I should get new ones, but they seem to get the job done for now. The lacing system is stupid (under the velcro tab) and I wonder if I could just forgo the laces altogether.


Another thing I’m digging today: Gingerbread Clif bar. I shared the calories, I mean, love.


So about that run.

It seems silly getting dressed to run a measly mile, but after our hard (on us old people) speed workout yesterday, I was okay with only going a mile. My left hip still bugs me occasionally. Running two days in a row in the flow2s might be the cause.

Garmin was being a bitch about capturing satellites today. I ended up running solely by the footpod, which came up pretty darn close to Nancy’s satellite track distance.

Praying to the GPS gods for a satellite or two

Praying to the GPS gods for a satellite or two

No wind today, so I was able to go with a slightly lighter lightweight top (stripey instead of my typical lux layer) and with a lightweight silk layer (REI) underneath the pants, I was comfortable for the 13 minutes we were on the road.*


lux pants, winona tank, stripey. All Oiselle, duh.

Oh, and the Mac Jacket, which has become my go-to winter running jacket. It seems to be appropriate for just about anything. I just change up what I’m wearing underneath. Mac for the win, baby.


Awkwardly posing in my office, I guess.

I’ve never run in the Lux pants before, but I didn’t want to sit at the restaurant in tights and thought, why not?

Our regular Friday Team /var/run lunch destination isn’t very far from campus, so we took the long way (1.31 mi) to get our RW Runstreak mile in for the day.


Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 2.30.58 PM

Wow, we’re not very good at the group selfie, are we.

just three old people running to lunch. nbd.

just three old people running to lunch. nbd.

But the food is so worth it.


today: veggie bowl, no rice, extra lettuce, tomatillo salsa

I think we’d planned on G driving to lunch and hitching a ride back, so when there was no car, it was either walk in single digit temps or trot and try not to puke. We opted for the latter.


and we get G to run! success! 🙂


I know it looks like G is flipping me the bird, but I think he’s telling me I’m number one.

Spent the bulk of the day in my new compression socks, a Black Friday OMG SO CHEAP deal on an item I’ve been wanting to try for a long time but couldn’t bear to shell out full price. So far I like them. And I know the lines are supposed to mimic trainer’s tape or something like that, but my legs and feet feel fine. Not as tight feeling as pro compression, but it could also be the size. Even though I measured into a size 3, I think I would’ve preferred a 2. Also: a little long in the calf for me, but not deal breaking.



So there you go – a much too long post about runstreak day 16. Tomorrow should really be a “long” day for me, so we’ll see how it goes. Since I didn’t spend the evening drinking (like last Friday), I might actually feel like tackling a six miler. Our day is so jam packed, I might need to if I am to retain any sanity.


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