Because you don’t run with your teeth

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December 4, 2013 by Amy B

Today was the Epic Four hour Dentist visit. I say “epic” because 1) Four hours in a dentist chair? and 2) I was scheduled to have work done on both sides of my mouth, requiring numbing on both sides as well. If you’ve ever had that done, it’s quite the weird sensation. Let’s just say there wasn’t much conversation taking place today between the dentist and me.


There are three or four chairs in this office, and each space is decorated with various holiday-themed crafty-show type things. I know the dentist’s wife, and I wonder if she does the decorating. It seems like it.

Today I got the chair with “The G photo,” G being my friend Gowtham and “the photo” being this awesome shot of Hungarian Falls that was published in National Geographic a few years ago. I took that as a good omen for this appointment.


The dentist visit went mostly well, only requiring re-numbing twice (ow) and I left with two new crowns, a filling, and a temporary crown (to be put on in a few weeks). He also took about 100 impressions for a bite splint. This will be the most expensive hockey mouthguard I’ve owned.


You can tell the face is a little swollen in addition to the regular swelling I’ve had lately from the stupid extra weight I’m carrying. Doh.


I was having trouble talking due to the numb face and wanted to get home to ice my jaw to hopefully prevent any additional swelling this week. I figured I should put in my run streak obligatory run before the anesthesia wore off. I managed two miles up and down the street.



I don’t look very happy here, but honestly I’ve run in worse.


Time isn’t the greatest but considering the wind and snowy roads and dental marathon, not bad.

I came back to an empty childless house for the rest of the afternoon. Got some work done despite some connectivity issues and iced my face with a bag of frozen peas. By dinner, it was feeling much better. I got on the bike with the intention of spinning at a higher cadence (per the advice of fellow /var/run(ners)) and after getting the sensor to stop being stupid (was clocking my first two miles way too slowly), I found that I actually spin at a decent pace and it doesn’t suck! Holy shit, was I doing it wrong.


Now that I know how to work this thing, I’m not so disheartened at the prospect of riding the bike inside and can’t wait for the new fluid trainer. Hey, I might actually ride my bike OUTSIDE in the spring.

Lastly, here’s something fun I made today after a humorous exchange with Josh:



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