Winter is F*cking Here.


November 12, 2013 by Amy B

Monday night was the first time in a long time I’ve just given up on a workout. Tried to do Week 2 of the Jillian Michaels thing and quit halfway through. A. 20. Minute. Workout. It doesn’t get much sadder than that, folks.

To be fair, the toddler was climbing all over me and my Achilles’ on my left ankle was hurting big time during the mountain climbers/whatever weird cardio JM subscribes for that workout. I decided it was just better to stop before I hurt myself.

I spent the rest of the evening moping in bed, extremely crabby. It was one of those nights when I just didn’t want anyone on me/near me/touching me/asking me/whining to me. I was pissed about my weight gain, the weather, the fact that a lot of my clothes don’t fit, THE MOTHERFUCKING WEATHER. The rest of the family took the hint to leave me in my misery. I spent so much time in bed last night that my back was killing me this morning.

Before I took the dogs in for their mid-morning (completely inconvenient) grooming appointment, I had enough time for a 5K run in the freaking cold, windy but sunny, weather.



I don’t know if I really needed the spiky shoe things, but check out my genius method of keeping them together after they split one day. Pro tip: don’t try to remove them from your shoes when it’s really super cold out or the rubber cracks. I think I have enough staples in this one. (Truth: I need to replace them because the spikes are pretty worn down.)

WINTER RUNNING SHOE SIDEBAR: I’ve thought about getting something more weatherproof but since I don’t have many miles on these Cascadias I’m going to give them a chance this winter. I wore a thicker pair of Injinji toe socks today and my toes/feet did not get cold, which is promising. My ankles, though, were freezing. I might have to find a pair that goes up a little higher on my leg.

I was getting frustrated running on the icy/snowy sidewalks, feeling like I couldn’t get my pace anywhere near anything acceptable. I decided somewhere around the 1.5 mile mark to just forget about pace and chalk up winter running to slogging/calorie burning.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 4.10.34 PM


While this isn’t my best run by far, I’m happy I could bring the pace down into the sub-10:00/miles.

Weigh in: Yeah, not really thrilled about still being in the 130s but happy I haven’t seemed to have gained any weight over the past week of not running very much and eating all the things. I’m having a difficult time just jumping back into this whole diet thing. November is also the suckiest month for me in terms of mood. The cold weather, snow, no more marathon training perfect storm gets me every year. I’ll try to step it up this week.

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One thought on “Winter is F*cking Here.

  1. Way to get out there and get the run done, especially in the snow.

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