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November 5, 2013 by Amy B

I suck at blogging.Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 6.14.34 PMNothing too earth shattering. Short run on Saturday for stress relief that was brutal – bad stomach cramps the entire time. Pretty pleased that I managed a sub-10 mile pace despite feeling like I was going to die.

Sunday I ran to our Team /var/run meeting place (Cafe Rosetta in Calumet) for a group run. Nothing too long or taxing – the pace kept it very friendly for our slower runners – and it ended with a very delicious cappuccino.

Nancy likes horses. Totally hooking her up with my daughter.

Weather was awesome – I even considered wearing shorts. Also of note: Salted Caramel GU for the win. And Rosetta – how could I have ignored you for so long? I promise to come back soon.

Since I’m running out of pants that fit, which depresses me, which then means I reach for food therapy, which means even more pants don’t fit, I suggested to the team that we start a weight loss challenge for the winter. No real details yet, but it involves me eating less and exercising more, which also means I will be running less. Last fall/winter I kicked serious ass in the weight loss department, and when I go back over my notes, it included more cross training and better eating.

Truth is, I’ve been on this roller coaster so many times that I know the damn drill.

Last night I didn’t feel like running so I pulled out the Jillian Michaels DVD/iTunes file/whatever and did level one of Ripped in 30.

I’d forgotten how hard these are when you haven’t done them in, oh, forever.

Oiselle slub tee, stride shorts. Great sweaty workout wear

Really an awful photo but holy shit, I sweat a lot. I would have liked to do another video in addition to this – 20 minutes just doesn’t seem like a long enough workout – but that is about the amount of time I can get away from the kids without them climbing all over me mid-pushup.

Speaking of pushups, I think I did about ten last night and my arms felt like they were going to detach from my body. Obviously I need more strength training.

I’m not sure where we will be tracking all this crap, I mean, information, but I’ll keep track of some of it here as a matter of public record. I guess I have finally reached the age of not giving a shit what other people think.

On a serious note, it will be good to track this all winter and see my team’s progress as well. Winter is a tough season up here in Foreversnowland when you would rather have the ground not covered in white shit.


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