Post-marathon blues and a Running Chunk

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October 12, 2013 by Amy B

Had to get out last night for a quick run, even though it was getting dark and a little later than I’d planned. I could feel the frustration boiling and I was afraid I’d kill someone if I didn’t do it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 8.12.16 AM

I didn’t try to push it too hard. I’ve got 7 miles this morning and after all, it’s still recovery week.

I did get a new toy yesterday (thank you, employer) that took up a big chunk of my evening trying to activate and transfer my old iPhone stuff. Thanks, Apple, for making this process a giant pain in the ass. I would really LOVE to keep dragging my app icons into folders over and over again. One more time. Please.Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 8.12.38 AM

Today is the 5K. What started (I think) as a bit of a joke has now ballooned into an actual (unofficial) event. It’s about 4 miles from my house, so I’ll run down there (literally) and catch a ride back with my buddy G. At one point I considered attempting to “race” this, since I’ve never actually raced a 5K before, but coming off the marathon, I think it’s wise to just hang back and have fun. After I run the 4 miles down to the race, I’ll probably be less inclined to go out fast. At least that’s the plan.

I’ve felt a little down this week, which I think is normal post-marathon. I’m trying to take it easy yet not completely lie around and stuff my face, which is really more of what I feel like doing. Not having an upcoming race on the schedule yet sucks. Since we don’t cook on Thanksgiving (we eat on Friday with Scott’s family), I might sign up for this.

I haven’t done a Turkey Trot in years, and it would be nice to run a different course with different people.

Are you Turkey Trotting this 11/28? How do you stay motivated as the weather turns meh?

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