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October 10, 2013 by Amy B

I’ve learned that I can’t go more than two days without running before I feel like I want to kill someone. So last night, even though I’m probably supposed to be taking X number of days off from running after the marathon, I went out for a quick 5k. Well, quick by my standards.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.34.56 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.22.57 AMActually, I was pretty pleased with the time, considering I wasn’t trying to haul ass and was just trying to ease back into this thing.

I’m not sure why Map My Run says my average pace is 9:40 and Garmin says 9:30. I did stop for a few seconds at an intersection waiting for the light to change, so maybe that’s it.

I was thinking of funny marathon signs I saw on Sunday and came across this one:
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 9.53.54 AM

I think my favorite one from Sunday was one that said “1 in 100 people poop their pants while running a marathon. Are you that 1?”

I guess my favorite signs are all poop jokes.

Day One of Operation Not Eat Everything Not Nailed Down* was rough. I spent almost a year using My Fitness Pal to track my daily food intake (mostly) and I did really well with it; I lost about 20 pounds total. Unfortunately, I put about six back on and I’ve been carrying them around for much longer than I anticipated. Now that marathon training is over, my body isn’t requiring massive amounts of calories to keep up, but it sure thinks it still does.

I did alright with it for most of the day until I got home. Well, actually a trip to WallyWorld with Sophie resulted in some junk food being purchased and me eating a few Golden Oreos on the way home. Yeah, great, right? I then consumed other random crap before getting out for the run, but felt pretty lousy throughout (bad side cramps, possibly cookie-induced).

I have no intention of eliminating 100% of the crap from my diet. I’ve tried that in the past and just can’t do it. But I am going to be mindful of it and try to reduce it to a once in awhile thing instead of whenever I damn well feel like it.

Funny, I think my brain has a tougher time recovering from these races than my body. I’ve had a really difficult time focusing on things I need to get done this week. Don’t you dare blame the Oreos.


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