Rest Days and Running Bras

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September 5, 2013 by Amy B

Last night, after we’d finally gotten home after preschool registration, which went fairly smoothly, this conversation took place:

Me: Are you running tomorrow?

Him: Yes, I am planning on it.

Me: Okay. If you are, then I won’t.

Him: You can’t run. It’s your rest day.

Me: (thinking) But I want to run. I need to run. But if you’re going to run in the morning, then okay. I won’t.

This morning:

Him: [walks into the kitchen] How long have you been up?

Me: About 20 minutes.

Him: Huh, I figured you went running.

Me: Um, no. You told me I couldn’t and that you were going to go.

Him: Really? I said that? Huh.

Me: [eye roll]

So no, I didn’t go running this morning, even though my daughter walked into our room at 5:30AM and had to be coaxed back into bed (by me), which meant I very well could have just gotten up, slapped on some clothes and gone.

But since it is technically my rest day, I should honor the rest day, right? So I am, except for the short sprint across campus this afternoon so that I could not be too terribly late for a meeting up the hill.

Speaking of running in work clothes (well, I am wearing this shirt so technically my outfit is half running wear), I have to give testament to my bra being pretty darn cool.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.04.20 PM

It’s the Adjustable Bra from Handful. I found out about these guys in Runner’s World’s recent review of running bras (including the Lesko, which I can’t wait to try).

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.55.13 PMNow granted, I’m not the most hugely endowed woman on the planet. I sit quite comfortably in the neighborhood of 36B or 34C, depending on how the wind is blowing. Seriously, I’m completely lopsided right now because I’m still nursing my son (occasionally) with one side, making wearing any fitted shirt a complete self-conscious “thing,” even though my husband thinks it’s totally cool. (Actually, he’d be quite happy if the smaller side matched the larger in terms of size, but ahem. Probably not happening without “enhancement.”)

The thing I really love about these bras is that the straps actually stay put. It’s a problem I have all the time with bras, and not only do the straps adjust, but on the adjustable model, you can wear them criss-crossed, which makes them perfect for racerback tanks.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.01.03 PM

(image from

(image from

The ruching in the middle helps to eliminate that “uni-boob” look we all know and love. And the comfort? Dude. So much more comfortable than the VS underwire I was accustomed to wearing to work.

And perhaps my favorite part about this bra is the removable padding. Since I am incredibly uneven these days, I can use a pad on one side to balance out the girls. Yeah, I could probably do this with any bra, but the mesh insert holders are incredibly convenient and comfortable. And the padding? It’s moderate but not over the top.

(image from

(image from

And now: added bonus: I can sprint across campus and not worry about black eyes. (Not like my tatas would bounce that high anyway!)

For the record, unless I mention otherwise, I’ve purchased all the things I blather on about, er, review, with my own cash. And if I’m mentioning it, that probably means I like it!

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