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August 27, 2013 by Amy B

Busy day yesterday and no time for posting. Here’s what I did:


So-so Monday run. Felt tired but was glad to keep 5 miles under 50 minutes.


My husband hasn’t run in over a month, so imagine my shock when in my bleary eyed state at 5:10am this morning, I saw him grab his bag of running gear and start getting dressed to go, oh run.

When two people are training for the same race using the same plan, juggling runs with making sure the very young humans in the house are supervised by at least one adult is a challenge. And sometimes it sucks, especially when running together is (mostly) an enjoyable activity. In fact, one of our first dates was a 9 mile training run for the Chicago marathon.

Flashback synopsis: Scott volunteered to go running with me on a very hot Saturday morning. He also “created” the route; we were running from his house. The nine miler turned into about twelve; it turned out he didn’t know the back roads as well as he thought he did. He also hadn’t been on a “real run” for about 20 years (no joke). No water, direct sun, high humidity – it had all the makings of a disaster date. Good thing his cooking skills were enough to overcome his back road mileage estimation skills.

Anyway, he went out for a short 3 miler while I got ready; I was still able to get out on the road semi-early (6:10ish). It was a creepy run – totally foggy so you couldn’t see (and the light made it worse) and super humid so you couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t sure which was worse.

The training schedule was for eight miles, but I’m making some adjustments to the schedule from here on out and possibly nixing the eight milers mid-week for the rest of the training. Tuesday is a day when if both of us run, it’s almost impossible to get that distance in before work. I’m still going to run, but it will be something more reasonable (5 or 6). I’m not convinced that making this alteration is going to completely wreck my training from here on out. And with Sophie starting pre-school in two weeks (meaning I’ll have to be to work really damned early), it’s just not feasible.

I ended up with 5.5 this morning. I got stuck detouring around some serious road construction. The weather was making it really difficult to breathe, so I called it a day.


Marathon Day is less than six weeks away!

I’m still trying to figure out the fueling plan, yes. I’ve also been trying various snacks out of my Kona Kase deliveries ( Some are good, some are awful. First, the awful:



I’ve seen a lot of people talk about these on Instagram and how awesome they are. Jesus. I could barely chew it. And 21g of protein? Holy shit. I also roll my eyes at this “non-fiber carbs” stuff. Okay. Moving on to the good:


Krave Beef Jerky, kids. This was also in the August Kona Kase. I suggest you run, not walk, to the nearest seller of this in your area (if they exist) or order online at their web site (what I did). I’m not the biggest beef jerky fan in the world. I mean, I like it but I wouldn’t want to make a living out of it, you know? I could seriously eat this nonstop every day of the rest of my life.


2 thoughts on “Share the Road

  1. Oh man, so Quest bars suck? I was believing all the hype! Glad I haven’t bought any yet!

    • Amy B says:

      You know, I have heard that people heat them up. Um, okay. I don’t really have time for that, especially if I am on the run and want something quick out of my purse (which is usually the case). And there are probably better flavors (this was cookie dough) but I thought it tasted really fake. And maybe it was just me, but it was like I could taste the sugar alcohol (or whatever the hell is in it). I dunno. It’s not for me. I’ll stick to my picky bars, thank you!

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