Two days, twenty five miles


August 12, 2013 by Amy B

Dude, I just ran 25 miles in about 24 hours. Let’s recap.


8 miles. Tired as hell, and I usually feel pretty good after a day off. Whatev. Just trying to get it in before work and succeeded.

Carb loaded with my friend G. However, note to future self: no hot salsa the day before a long run. Enough said.




Long run madness. Seventeen miles; I thought I only had sixteen, which was really a bummer when I found out the real mileage. I’d planned for an out and back on the snowmobile trail but after getting some kind of shit news midway re: a family member’s health, and almost getting run over by a caravan of dune buggies (fucking ATV thingies, urgh), I felt like the only way I’d not wimp out on the entire distance was to keep working toward a destination where I could pick up potato chips at the end.

I had to make some adjustments to make this work out to 17 miles; after running for almost 3 hours, there was no way in hell I was going to cheat myself on the distance. I ran along the waterfront, did a few loops around the Houghton Guy statue near Jimmy John’s, etc. It all worked out.


We headed to MegaMart to pick up some things for church for the morning (we’re on cookie/coffee duty) and I was dreading walking around on legs that had just been moving for almost three hours. Weirdness: they felt better than they did when I ran 15 a few weeks ago. Maybe my legs are starting to get used to the torture?


Ran down the snowmobile trail. Slowly loses elevation all the way to Houghton. Soft surface, shaded. Aside from almost getting run over by a dune buggy caravan, it was not bad.

I’ve got a shitload of things to do but know I won’t get to them. I just want to kick my feet up and take a nap. I might do just that.


One thought on “Two days, twenty five miles

  1. I was exhausted after 8 Sunday, I couldn’t imagine 17! You’re awesome!

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