This is the hard part


August 7, 2013 by Amy B

August is a tough time of the marathon training season for me, especially when the mid-week runs get longer and require more time. It also doesn’t help that I’m swamped with work-related stuff and the runs are starting to get into serious long-run territory. You can’t shrug off a 17 miler. And since I obsess over everything, it’s been on my mind all week.

I feel good knowing that I’ve got 3 of 5 runs in the bank for the week, but there’s an 8 miler on Friday, followed by 17 on Saturday. It actually hurts to type that sentence.

So this has been happening a lot lately: I had a dream this morning that I was trying to shut off the sound of some sort of box-shaped device. In this case, it belonged to my sister and had some cartoon characters on it. The noise would just not stop, and I couldn’t figure out why.

I woke up, realizing my alarm on my phone had been chiming; it was currently on the second alarm (I set one for 5AM and 5:30AM just in case I sleep through the first) and had been ringing for about 10 minutes. Wake up fail.

Fortunately, it wasn’t raining this morning but the temperatures were in the low 60s with really heavy fog. I haven’t given the Mio Mesh a test run yet, so I figured it was a good time. (I was able to ditch the petzl headlight before I left, thank god.)



I am not usually one for “cute” shirts like this one but the way it drapes is fucking awesome. It’s also light as a feather. Seriously. If it were actually warm right now, I’d probably want to wear it every day.

I knew my run could potentially be slow this morning, so I did a simple out and back on the highway and didn’t try to kill my legs.


I’m supposed to have a date with CrossFit tonight. I’m not really excited about it; I’m tired as hell.


I might need these for my shoes the rest of this week. I picked these up for Sophie, thinking she might find them cool for her “lace shoes,” as she calls them.

So the CrossFit dude is a chiropractor who offers body fat analysis in his office. I’m thinking of doing it. It’s $20. I’ve been a slave to the number on the scale for way too long. I generally consider myself an at least averagely fit person and know I do have muscle underneath this squishy exterior. I’d like to know just how much squish I’ve got. And even though having my fat squeezed with a caliper doesn’t sound like a ton of fun, I think I’m finally over it. Ego, be gone!

Have you ever had a body fat analysis done? I had a Tanita scale that supposedly measured body fat, but I think it wasn’t the most accurate thing around and more of a gadgety waste of money.

2 thoughts on “This is the hard part

  1. Oh boy, I did have my body fat tested with calipers. Just wait..once you know the number, you will be looking up body fat charts!

  2. Love those Swings!
    I had my body fat tested once. It was a depressing day for me! Never thought I really had a “fat” issue until that day. I always thought I was normal or average…. of course at the time the idea of running a 5K made me want to hide under the bed. I was a skinny fat. My scale may be a little more these days, but I will take a fit number to that skinny fat number any day!

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