Yoga for Road Ragers


July 25, 2013 by Amy B

This morning was a day off from running but I was up at 5:15 anyway. I probably could have made myself go back to sleep for an hour, but what’s the point? We went to bed super early last night – everyone tucked in before 9pm – so I felt I’d gotten enough sleep.

I’ve also made this goal of getting in more core, strength training, and stretching – basically everything that isn’t running. I have failed miserably at this in all regards. Why do I hate core work? I’m not counting the random times during the week when I think, ooh, I should get up out of my chair and do some pushups. I don’t think those really count. But speaking of chairs, I am making more of an effort to get off my computer nerd ass during the day after reading this:

Sitting is the New “Smoking” – Even for Runners

I’ll admit I’m one of those people who has a desk job where I’m doing the majority of my work sitting on my butt, only getting up to 1) go to the bathroom 2) get lunch 3) go home.

RW, you’re supposed to make me feel good about myself, dammit. Now I’m worried I’m going to die next week. </slightmelodrama>

Anyway, I got up and made it through half of Jillian’s “Six Week Six-Pack” DVD before I couldn’t stand it anymore. Since everyone was still sleeping and I still had time, I switched over to this yoga app I bought on my iPhone a few months ago but have never tried.

It’s okay. It comes with some basic workouts for beginners and gives you the option to purchase the special workouts (Yoga for Abs! Yoga for Weight Loss!). I went through the 15-minute beginner’s workout – since I am a complete and utter beginner when it comes to yoga – and only had one moment of OMGTHISHURTSSOFUCKINGMUCHWTFISWRONGWITHMYHIP????

(Sorry there are no pictures of me in compression shorts and a running bra. You’re welcome.)

It might be time to make an appointment with Scott’s chiropractor.

I’m sure you have to do more than 15 minutes of yoga to get any real benefits from it, but let’s just say this was a trial run. I didn’t hate it, but it just isn’t the same as running. I did feel a pretty good burn in my quads in some of the poses and even worked up a sweat, and I didn’t even want to kill the Asian woman who was narrating throughout the workout (kind of sounded like that  Wai Lana Yoga chick on PBS in the morning).

I got the kids ready for daycare; Scott dropped them off this morning so that I could have a quiet ride into work and make it there in time for a meeting (that ended up cancelled). I was making pretty good time and totally on track, then got stuck behind some MFing idiot driving a minivan going 10mph down the hill into town (speed limit is 25). It’s possible I got a little road ragey and flew around him as soon as the road widened, only to have to slam on my brakes at an intersection unexpectedly, sending an open bottle of water flying all over the front of my car, my bag, two Runner’s World mags I have yet to read.

Yeah, my chakras exploded and are currently covering the inside of my car.

So much for carrying the calm into the rest of the day. However, doing the poses this morning confirmed for me that I do have something funky going on with my left hip/leg/entire left side of my body. I should probably get that looked at. Thanks, yoga. I suppose we can be friends.

One thought on “Yoga for Road Ragers

  1. Julie says:

    Go get a gait analysis. DO IT, WOMAN. 🙂

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