Day one done and Breakers to Bay 2013 Recap

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June 3, 2013 by Amy B

When marathon training begins, summer has begun.

But let me back up a few days and tell you about my most recent PR:

breakers to bay collage 2013

Breakers to Bay 2013

No, we’re not in San Francisco, Dorothy. Breakers to Bay is a local 5 mile fundraising run for one of the area’s outdoor hockey rinks, the KennerDome in Oskar Bay, MI. I’d heard of this race before but never put it on my calendar. Every year I’d forget about it or be in horrible shape (or pregnant).

Unlike larger urban areas with running clubs and training running groups, organized races are less frequent up here. It’s really the only thing I miss about Detroit. Well, that and Buddy’s Sicilian-style Pizza and coney dogs.

I found out a friend was going to run this one and decided to do it. I’ve been aching for a challenge. I’ve also never tried running a race at a level I’d consider “racing” and not just “surviving to the finish.”

I set a goal time of 47:30, a 9:30 mile pace. I’d never tried to run a race this fast before. It met my criteria of challenge. I threw it out to Insta/Twitterland, knowing now I’d have to stay accountable to my three followers.

Bay to Breakers Gauntlet thrown

The course begins at “The Breakers” and climbs uphill at a gradual yet challenging incline for the first 1.75 mi or so. My friend and I had driven most of the course the day before but missed a few directions and therefore, missed this part of the course.

Breakers to Bay elevation

Years ago I’d ridden on a group ride out here, so I knew there was an uphill. Thankfully, my memory had made this more of a mountain than it really was.

After the uphill, the course is pretty flat or downhill until the last 0.5 miles on sand and soft two track to the finish. This is where driving the course beforehand paid off. I knew exactly what I was in for and when I could kick it in full throttle to the end.

Breakers to Bay 2013

The best part? I by no means slacked, but I also didn’t try to kill myself, either. I kept an eye on the Garmin and tried to keep it at 9:30 or less, with exception of the uphill section. However, even on that stretch, my slowest mile was 9:39/mi.

I’m starting to enjoy running faster. I’m not sure how this is happening, but I like it.

Don’t like bad race photos as much, but here’s proof that I finished.


Not that it’s important, but I totally beat that youngster. 🙂

Also, see those thighs? This is why I hate most running shorts.


I’m wondering if it’s due to an alien runner swap, especially when I followed it up with this run last night, the first real “trainer” of the season.

Marathon training run #1 of 2013

Instead of running this morning, I ran later last night (scheduling snafus). If this is what I can do for a 3 miler at an easy pace, I will most definitely take it.

Commemorative First Training Run photo

Back to Breakers race.

I’m having a lot of fun with running this year. It also helps to have a few friends who are going after some personal goals, too.

me and g, breakers to bay 2013

I’m considering my next challenge, which I will talk about in another post. Until then, keep lacing them up, friends! Summer is here!

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