(Not so much) Piling on the Miles

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November 14, 2012 by Amy B

November has been such a disappointment regarding mileage.

It’s been a combination of health, weather, and time. Yes, the last two are really excuses that I probably could’ve overcome, but health has been a problem. I don’t beat myself up for that one.

My rib “thing” seems to be almost back to normal. Only occasionally do I feel anything in that area when I’m sitting up, reaching for something, etc. It doesn’t seem to bother me at all when I’m running (well, at least there’s one good thing). I have stayed away from hockey and probably won’t go back for another week. I want to feel completely confident going back, and right now? I don’t.

First, let’s talk about a run I did last week on 11/08:

ImageIt felt pretty darn good, even though it was dark that night and kind of cold. I will admit that I picked up the pace during portions of the run, because the streets aren’t lit and it’s a little creepy.

ImageIt felt good to know that my sub-10:00 pace wasn’t a fluke. Even after being off for about a week, I could still run a decent 5K.

The weekend was a bust. Saturday it was cold, rainy, and windy. Sunday was nice in the morning and unseasonably warm, but I didn’t get my butt out of bed early enough and then the weather turned to shit.

Then Monday. We got hit with a pretty good snowstorm (our first substantial snow of the year), so there was no running before the plows got out.

Which leads me to last night’s run. I picked up some YakTrax at the store in the morning. I’d tried a pair of these a few years ago and didn’t love them. They fell off my shoes and I felt like I was running on springs.

I went to a pair of cleat type things (I think they’re made by Petzl) for a few years. They weren’t bad, especially on ice. But if for any reason I had to run on concrete or pavement, they wore down and fell out of the rubber holder thingies (that’s the technical term). Then the rubber cracked in extreme cold. I thought I’d give the YT another try.

yaktrax proI remembered why I hate running in winter. It’s more about survival – not slipping, twisting an ankle, pulling a groin muscle – than PRs or feeling like you’ve run a decent time at all.

ImageI suppose I should just be happy I got out and put in a good 40 minute workout. PRs can be saved for dry pavement and spring.

As for the Yaktrax, I was mostly pleased with their performance. They did quite well on snow and even ice. Unfortunately, I found myself looking for snowy patches to run on, even when I had clean pavement, only because I did not want to run on them on bare surfaces, for fear I’d speed up wearing them down. This made for a harder workout in the end, kind of like running in sand or on a beach.

They didn’t slip off my shoes, and I did use the strap provided, which may have helped.

So Yaktrax? Thumbs up from this girl. Anything that helps me to continue to get in runs during the long U.P. winters is a winner in my book.

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