10 Running Questions

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October 4, 2012 by Amy B

John, at Fit for a Year, posted these questions. I haven’t done a blogging meme in awhile, so why not?

  1. What was your most memorable run? My first marathon in Chicago in 2004 was pretty special. My friend Emily ran with me the entire way, even though on her own she can smoke me, no problem. I ran my fastest time that year. It was an amazing race with so many people.
  2. Three words that describe my running. Slow. Steady. Semi-regular.
  3. What running shoes do you use? Asics Gel Nimbus (12s at the moment)
  4. Do you have any quirky habits while running? When I’m out on the trail or away from traffic, I think I tend to stiffen my hands in a weird way, but it feels good.
  5. When do you run, morning, midday or evening? With two young children, I need to run most of the time in the early morning. If that doesn’t happen, it’s an evening run. I haven’t run midday for years!
  6. Does the weather stop you running? I used to be a bigger wimp about this, but I’m getting better. I will say I hate running in really windy weather (hate!) and while rain isn’t a run-breaker, if I’m scheduled for a really long run (more than an hour or so), I will try to schedule around the wet weather (chafing). I’m hoping this will be my first winter I keep up running all year. We get an average of 250 inches of snow a winter, which doesn’t make for easy running.
  7. Have you had a running injury? About five years ago I had some hip pain from wearing the wrong shoes. Since then I’ve only had some knee pain occasionally, which has lessened as I’ve lost weight.
  8. I felt most like a badass runner when I completed a 30K during the summer I trained for my first marathon. Well, there may have been tears at the end. Not so badass, but still pretty hardcore. 🙂
  9. My next race is the Twin Cities marathon in Minnesota (October).
  10. Running goals for 2013. Run consistently sub-10 minute miles, lengthen stride, improve form, stay in decent running shape this winter, maybe even give Grandma’s marathon in June another shot if I do!

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