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January 18, 2012 by Amy B

I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve updated here. Truth is, it’s no fun to talk about running when you haven’t run for three months. Marathon day was my last day of running in 2011, and it ended with me hobbling onto a school bus at Mile 17 of the Twin Cities Marathon Course, because it was clear I wasn’t going to finish before they opened the road to traffic.

It was demoralizing, heartbreaking, frustrating, maddening.

I comforted myself (or tried to) by the fact that I was 11 weeks pregnant at the time. Sane people would have just bagged the race, but I’d paid my money, dammit. And I’d done most of the training, though I’d not done much in the month leading up to the race (due to feeling like I was going to heave up my guts every day).

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that, did I? Yeah, I’m pregnant, due with my second kid on April 17 of this year.

So yeah, not a lot of running. I had high hopes of having this be an extremely “fit” pregnancy, but I’ve been mostly fit for sitting on the couch, trying to get a breather when I’m not chasing around my two-year old. My enormous girth (larger than last time) has made running pretty much a joke. I barely shuffle these days. I’m thinking of giving my snowshoes a try this winter instead, but I usually make it to the front door and think, fuck this, I’m going back to bed.

I will say that being unable to get out and run has once again ignited the fire within me to do it as soon as I’m physically able. With my first kid, I sat around on my ass for the first year, too occupied with being a new mom and everything that went with it. I gave myself a free pass for a year from everything, including diet and exercise.

This time? Twin Cities Marathon registration opens in February. Instead of just signing up for the 10 miler, I’m going for the whole enchilada. It will mean I have to get off my butt as soon as I’m cleared by my doctor and get back into shape. I simply cannot have my last marathon effort be a DNF. I’ve lived with it for the past three months, and it sucks. This time there will be no excuses why I can’t finish and finish strongly.

So check back with me in a few months, okay? If I’m not here, look for me on the road.

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