When hackers get in the way of running

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August 18, 2011 by Amy B

I missed my 5 Miler yesterday after being up with my daughter who decided she needed to be awake at 3:00 am. When the 5:30 wake up call came, I blew it off and decided to run in the evening instead.

Later that day while working on a web site for a new client I discovered my host account had been hacked.


I then spent the rest of the day signing up for a new host (my current host never responds to emails and the service has been shit; I’ve just been too lazy to move everything) and trying to figure out how I was going to make all of the sites transfer seamlessly.

I spent the day hunched over the laptop (which is also dying at what couldn’t be worse timing). Scott came home late and my desire to run was gone.

Food was not the highlight; I ended up probably eating half a dozen oatmeal cookies.

Today is my official day off so I’m taking it. Im trying to spend limited amounts of time at the computer so I don’t go crazy. Also trying to get through remaining bean burgers (getting sick of them).

I’ve been trying to cut back on food costs; they’ve been outrageous this summer. Maybe I just need to accept that we spend more money on food and spend less on other things.

Whenever I am away from the house it means there are no vegetables in the house. I’m pretty sure Scott could go through the rest of his life and be quite happy to never eat anything green.

We went to the grocery store with a mission: spend most of our money on the outer aisles of the store (though we did snag some raspberry jam and potato chips (yeah, I know).

Scott was going to be late so we just did our own thing for dinner. I’ve never bought kale before. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ve even eaten it before. How sad is that?

I wasn’t sure how to make it, so we ended up with a sautĂ© of all the veg I love: garlic, onion, red pepper, mushroom, broccoli, spinach, and kale. Brown rice and sweet potato to fill the bowl.


I’ve been trying to stay away from white pasta and rice. I honestly could have lived without the rice tonight, but Sophie loved it and gobbled up the broccoli. Was it healthy? Dunno. Better than the pepperoni pizza I was craving? Definitely.

Eight mile run tomorrow. Hoping to make it a good one.

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