Running away from home

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August 2, 2011 by Amy B

I knew I’d have to get up before the sun to beat the worst heat of the day. I slept horribly and got up at 5:00. Armed with my head lamp, I hit the road in the dark at 5:45.


The course I mapped out was a tad hilly. No matter which direction I went, I’d have a long uphill on the way back. I opted for the steeper, shorter hill. Funny, because I remember this hill being a helluva lot harder years ago.

I was happy with the pace and the run almost flew by. Tomorrow I won’t be so lucky with eight miles. I’ve mapped out a similar route that just makes a larger loop.

I was lamenting the fact that I’m actually heavier now than I was a year ago. Scott noted that I am “in better shape,” that I’m posting better run times. I suppose I am, but seriously, HEAVIER? Since May I’ve lost no weight; I’ve actually put on a pound or two. Is it muscle? Am I really pigging out this much?

If given the choice between being 10 lbs lighter or running slower, which would I choose? Today? I don’t know. The weight loss would help me; I was running some sub-nines when I was at my lightest last fall. But why am I doing this training? To be a better runner or lose weight?

I kept a spreadsheet last summer of my weight loss and running. I was eight pounds lighter at this time last year. I may have been running slightly more slowly but not much.

This week was the first week I’ve seen the scale dip down a bit, but it’s pretty much staying put. I don’t want to go back to WW. I end up just trying to play it like a game. When the points plan switched, I couldn’t seem to make it work for me like it did before.

I’m also probably hormonal. It’s been a month since I’ve quit breastfeeding (or really, being a human pacifier), and I’m probably off. I’m just hoping I can normalize soon.


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