Oh, BOB.

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July 29, 2011 by Amy B

Woke up late again and ended up having to run with the stroller. Again.


It was warm and I didn’t want to take Sophie out for more than four miles. We made it 3.5. I forgot to record the time of the run. There was walking. And drinking water. And a little more walking.

I think we are using an old version of the HH training program; it doesn’t jive with his web site. According to the updated program, I was supposed to take two days off and run a half marathon. I ran 3.5 and was scheduled for an 11 miler for the weekend. Oh well. Close enough.

Saturday snowballed into a waste of a day, so Scott and I decided to run together in the AM. That will mean 11 miles before I have to get in the car for the long drive to my parents’ place – about 10 hours total.

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