Nice try, but no.

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July 27, 2011 by Amy B

In an attempt to save money on groceries and avoid a trip to the store, I tried shredding savoy cabbage instead of romaine or spinach for my salad.


Savoy cabbage, garbanzo beans, strawberries, red onion, chicken (leftover mambo chicken), smattering of feta, sweet vidalia onion dressing

Fail. I usually try to use dressing sparingly but I had to dump extra on to mask the flavor of the raw cabbage.

Lesson learned: just go to the store and save the cabbage for potstickers. I will say that it did keep me pretty full for most of the afternoon, though.

Last night was a softball game and trip to the bar afterward for a beer and a shared sandwich. I haven’t played much softball this summer (my first position is babysitter) so when I do play for any length of time, I’m sore as hell the next day. Last night I felt a twinge in my left quad while jogging out to right center field. Not cool. This morning when I woke up I was stiff, tired, and in no mood to get my four miles in.

There’s still a chance I can go before it gets dark, but I’m waiting for baby relief to arrive (he’s at, yes, another softball game). I can’t wait until this damn season is over. It really screws up our running schedules.

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