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July 24, 2011 by Amy B

I’ve been trying to be better about cross training days. I’ve never done them before. I always took that day as a rest day. This time around, I set a very small goal: to ride my bike for an hour or so on Sundays. I love riding, but rarely get out lately, mostly due to not having a sitter during the day and you know, the whole fucking marathon training schedule that has me running in my free time.

Today I decided to get out and ride. I missed last Sunday (due to heat) and after a gargantuan potluck at church (and missing half of my runs this week), I felt I needed to make up for the missed miles.

I was only going to go for a nine mile loop but at the last minute decided to ride the loop I was originally going to run yesterday (before I chickened out, fearing it would include a huge climb). Well, I was right. It was a huge climb that lasted for about a few miles.

Let’s just say it was more of a workout than I had planned on doing. Let’s also say that I am sure I must have internal bleeding and will never have any more kids due to the extreme washboard on steroids road conditions. Gravel might be easier on the knees when you’re running, but on a mountain bike? FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK.

I’m glad I got the workout in, but my legs are like jello right now. Scott’s out for his 15 miles he missed this morning, so I’m chilling with the kid at the house, drinking some riesling and trying to take it easy for the rest of the night.

Four miles tomorrow morning? Let’s not think about it now, shall we?

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