Nike+ is good for my self-esteem

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July 23, 2011 by Amy B

But when it comes to accuracy, it’s kind of a piece of shit.

I don't know whom to believe anymore.

Nike told me this was a 15 mile run and that my pace was somewhere around 10:36. That is a pace I can live with and am totally happy with. I knew I had gone out a little fast for the first ten miles (it was two loops combined), but I felt pretty good, so I went with it. Last loop? Definitely slowed down. The last three miles were absolute killer on my legs. When I hit the (supposed) 13 mile mark, I thought, no way in hell could I keep this up for another 13 miles. This is when you’ve just got to trust the program and know if you stick with it, you’ll be okay on race day.

Maybe is off. I don’t know. They’re both using the same technology. How can the difference be half a fucking mile?

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