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July 11, 2011 by Amy B

I take for granted the fact that we have multiple beaches within 15 minutes of our place. We’re a stone’s throw away from Lake Superior and a short drive from the Portage Canal, for starters. There are at least three decent beaches near our house. We do try to visit often in the summer (Lake Superior’s chilly water is perfect for post-long run dips), but not nearly enough.

Scott’s old roommate visited over the weekend with his two children. We decided to hang out at the beach so the kids could swim and the adults could relax.


After having a relaxed dinner together at the local pizza parlor, Sophie settled into a weird funk and fell asleep. Around 2:30 am (as I was cleaning up pee from one of the dogs, blergh), she came padding into the living room. I went back to her room to see if I could get her to go back to sleep. Minutes after we laid down, she puked all over the two of us.

Needless to say, not a lot of sleep happened between that time and when I was supposed to get up for my early morning 4 mile run. I dozed for a few minutes after the first alarm. When I woke again, it was thundering outside. I can’t say when I’ve been more happy about hearing thunder. I went back to sleep.

The morning was touch and go with the kid, with one more pukefest (though not a main event) and extended sessions of Curious George on my iPad, complete with snuggling a sick kid. When people ask me how my life has changed since becoming a mom, the big change for me is scheduling. Everything needs to be carefully planned. You plan work around naps and daycare. You plan runs and workouts around when your partner is home (or when you have a babysitter). It’s more work. There’s no “let’s just throw on our shoes and go on a whim!” And that’s okay for the most part. I can live with planning. And I’ve learned to accept the fact that sometimes your day doesn’t go as planned.

Since I was hoping to get out and run in the evening after it cooled off (and after Scott got home), I tried to be good with food today. (Here’s my first attempt at food journaling, which I kind of failed miserably at, but it’s a start.)

Lunch was a baked potato with a half cup of beef chili (homemade), sprinkling of cheddar, scallions, and the rest of the sour cream from the container.


Watermelon (I might have a watermelon addiction.)20110711-021241.jpg

A little later, a Pink Lady apple and a tablespoon of Justin’s peanut butter (I might have a Justin’s nut butter addiction, too). 20110711-021254.jpg
Yes, the apple is peeled. No, I’m not 8 years old. I have an allergy to raw apples, particularly in the skin. I’ve been slowly building back my tolerance and can now eat one peeled with no consequences. It’s possible I’ve been making up for not eating an apple since I was 18 years old by eating one a day. 🙂

The rest of the day went downhill from there. Let’s just say there was a leftover piece of pizza, a half strawberry shortcake (homemade from the weekend), a few schools of goldfish crackers, some sunchips, half of Sophie’s ice cream cone, and probably more things I can’t remember (or don’t want to admit to here). Yes, I might have a carb problem (I’m working on it).

I wasn’t planning on my run going well. It was just one of those days. I decided to do a loop I haven’t done all year, which is a little hillier and definitely more challenging. I needed a change of scenery.

The loop takes a gravel road that winds down and around and then slowly snakes its way back up along the highway. The last climb lasts 0.5 miles, which is far enough for me. The entire loop is about 4.27 miles. I did it in 43:32 (10:11 pace), 22 seconds faster than the last time I ran it in August of last year.

Once I get on a schedule of running in the evenings, it’s hard to get back into the morning routine. This will probably mean my runs for the rest of the week will be at night (until my Friday and Saturday (long) runs), but that’s okay. The daily schedule doesn’t always go as planned. I’m a runner, but first? I’m a mom. And I’m more than okay with that.

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