First real run of spring

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April 9, 2011 by Amy B

Today, I ran.

I’ve been out twice this spring, but they were weenie 2 mi runs after essentially taking two months off. I spent most of the winter sitting on my ever-expanding ass, even managing to gain back about 7 lbs of the 23 I lost last year. Not cool.

So I’m starting my running a month earlier than last year. I’m sitting at about 130 lbs. I may be heavier, but I’m too afraid to get on the scale today, lest it ruin the positive mood I’ve got going after surviving my first 5K of the season.

I expected my time to be in the 31:30 range but was pleasantly surprised to see if run the 3.1 loop in 30:47. Not my fastest, but after a 2 month break? I can definitely build on that.

Next time when I’m not pecking on an iPhone screen, I’ll talk a bit about my running goals this year.

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